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Stockholm Premium Lager Beer makes valuable new inroads into the USA market

Stockholm Premium Lager Beer makes valuable new inroads into the USA market with initial focus in the Florida region.

Beginning in January 2010, Sweden Trade Inc. in Sarasota, Florida introduces the prize-winning beer to Florida beerlovers. The distribution will be made through well established distribution networks, guaranteeing availability in grocery-stores and super- markets all over Florida.

John W. Saputo, president/owner of Gold Coast Eagle Distributing in Sarasota, Florida comments:
“Stockholm Premium Lager Beer will be the first beer in the Florida market to be imported from Sweden. We believe that beer connoisseurs will enthusiastically embrace the Stockholm brand and want to try it. The Swedes have been brewing beers since the days of the Vikings and it is time that their centuries old brewing traditions be shared with Floridians...”

Henrik Lundberg, Export Manager, Krönleins Brewery, Halmstad, Sweden says:
"We have customized the products labeling & packaging to fulfill the requirements of the US market and feel confident that it will be an instant success!"
"All performed local market researches has turned out to be very positive!"

Stockholm Premium Lager Beer is a is a completely natural beer. There are no additives, only the finest malted barley, a special blend of aromatic hops, brewers yeast and crystal clear water from our own wells below the brewery. The beer is a light lager type with well balanced bitterness and fine aftertaste. The scent is fresh and aromatic!

For more information contact Ulf Sandstrom, Sweden Trade, Inc., (941) 350-1241 or visit

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