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Awards to Krönleins in USA and China!

Krönleins’ beer is gaining recognition worldwide. Beer critics from around the
Globe are expressing their appreciation for our brews and we are very proud to
Announce our latest achievements.

In April, Krönleins received quality awards in beer competitions in the United States
and China. In the US, Krönleins participated in The World Beer Cup in
Boulder, Colorado, a competition that is ranked as one of the most prestigious
Beer Awards in the world. With strong competition from 1,400 breweries and 4,700
kinds of beers, Krönleins won the Bronze medal with Stockholm Fine Festival
Beer 3,5% in the category of ”European-Style Low-Alcohol Lager/German-Style
Leicht(bier).” The Boulder World Cup, which takes place every second year,
presented some of the world’s finest breweries from 58 different countries.
Our award is an outstanding achievement not only for Krönleins Brewery,
but for the entire beer industry in Sweden. By putting Sweden on the map as
a country of excellent brews, Krönleins is building up prestige for the Swedish Art of

In Shanghai, China, Krönlein’s Stockholm Fine Festival 3,5% obtained a
Silver medal in the category of lager beer at the Shanghai International Beer
Festival (SIBF). The 2014 edition of the Festival took place in downtown Shanghai,
18 - 20 April, and presented a wide variety of beers from around the world. With
30,000 visitors and 161 beers from 24 countries, Krönleins is very proud to
have obtained a silver medal in the blind-test tasting competition.

It has been a fantastic spring for Krönleins and we look forward to serve you
our summer brews as the Swedish summer awaits around the corner!

Read more about Stockholm Fine Festival Beer.

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